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Earn money from youtube shorts

Earn money from youtube shorts

Profit from YouTube shorts, learn how to profit from Tik Tok alternative shorts, and what are the most important conditions and methods used to profit from short videos. 

Earning from YouTube Shorts, If you have access to YouTube, and you are able to log into the platform with your Google account, then you can easily make a decent amount of money online by earning from short videos. However, there are some regulations and rules set by the tech giant, Google, that you need to comply with in order to fill your wallet.

Profit from Google and YouTube

The following sections explain some practical ways to make money from Google and YouTube, and how YouTube Shorts contribute to profit from YouTube Shorts.
The good news is that you don't just rely on YouTube Short to generate money from the internet. In fact, there are many other methods that can help you with this.
Some of the practical ways that YouTube and Google allow you to earn through include the following:

Revenue by advertising

With this method, you can run ads on regular YouTube videos. These ads help the broadcast media generate money, a portion of which is then shared with you. In a broader sense,
the more videos you have on your YouTube channel, the more money you make (Profit from YouTube Shorts).

Channel membership to profit from YouTube shorts

If you make attractive videos that majority of users like, you can set up your channel for paying members who may get attractive perks in return.

merch cliff

In this method, you can sell your branded products (or other products) to potential customers for financial gain.


If you are good at speaking and can motivate people, then becoming an influencer is another way you can earn a decent amount of money from YouTube. When you become an influencer, you can associate with many organizations and companies to promote their products and services and get paid.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

If you have a good fan base, you can highlight their messages and chats, and you can charge them for it.

YouTube Premium

Create some engaging and informative videos that are exclusively available to YouTube Premium members. Because these subscribers have purchased a YouTube Premium membership,
the streaming platform shares the earnings you earn from these users with you.

How do I register shorts?

To create a short video on YouTube for profit from YouTube Shorts:

  • Sign in to the YouTube app.
  • Click Create Short Trial.
  • To make your story longer than 15 seconds, tap 15 above the record button to record up to 60 seconds ( 60 ).
  • Note: Recording with music from our library or original audio from other videos is limited to 15 seconds.
  • (Optional) Click Speed ​​to speed up or slow down the recording.
  • (Optional) Click Timer, to set the hands-free recording countdown and choose when to stop recording automatically.
  • To record a clip, press and hold or tap the capture button to start recording and then again to stop.
  • Click Undo to remove the previous video you recorded or click Redo to add it again.
  • Click Done to preview and enhance the video, click Next to add details to your video.
  • Add your video details, such as the title (maximum 100 characters) and privacy settings. For users between the ages of 13 and 17 on YouTube,
    the default video privacy setting is set to Private.
    If you are 18 or older, your default video privacy settings are set to public. All users can change this setting to make their video public, private, or unlisted.
  • Click on “Select Audience” and select “Yes, the content is made for kids” or “No, the content is not made for kids” to choose your audience. More information about “Made for Kids”.
    Click Upload to publish your short story

Earn money from youtube shorts

The methods discussed above can help you earn money with YouTube. As you may have noticed, YouTube Short is not included in the list.
This is because, at the time of this writing, YouTube does not allow you to monetize YouTube Shorts that you post on the platform, regardless of the source that users view these footage from.
However, you should not lose hope. Although short videos cannot be monetized on YouTube, it is still possible to publish videos on your channel and on Shelf Shorts.
YouTube then suggests these clips to others with similar interests (depending on the keywords you added in the description).

Ways to profit from YouTube shorts

When these users watch your short videos, they are likely to subscribe to your YouTube channel,
and watch regular videos that you have already posted, helping you to make money using any of the above methods.
Another upside to this approach is that the number of views your short videos get affects the overall analytics of your YouTube channel (in terms of views and playtime) and
therefore plays a vital role in meeting the minimum requirements as per YouTube's policies for monetizing YouTube videos. other regular.

How will viewers find my short videos?

Currently, viewers can find your shorts by clicking YouTube Shorts at the bottom of the YouTube app. They may also find shorts:

  • on the YouTube homepage.
  • in their notices.
  • Check their subscriptions.
  • Appear on your channel page.
  • By simply clicking on the 'shorts', viewers can scroll to see more short videos.
    Wherever they are located, subscribers earned from viewing your short story are counted towards the Creator Awards stages of the Short Video Monetization Program.


Why did people see less revenue from a regular YouTube video?

When you start posting short videos on your YouTube channel (YouTube Shorts), the views these clips get also affect the total number of views and the duration of your channel.
Although this helps you reach the bottom line for the YouTube Shorts monetization services offered by the platform,
since short videos cannot be monetized, you may see some decrease in revenue generation over time.

Conclusion (The possibility of profit from YouTube Shorts)

Since YouTube Short is still in beta at the time of writing this report,
short videos do not contribute directly to the monetization process (profit from YouTube Shorts).
However, as mentioned earlier, every time your short clips are shown, your channel analytics will be affected based on the number of views and uptime.
with interesting short videos, your channel is likely to get more subscribers, which leads to meeting the minimum threshold to become eligible and apply for the YouTube Partnership Program.
Regardless of the fact that revenue may seem declining in contrast to the number of views and uptime of your videos,
an increase in subscribers and paid members (if your channel allows it) will greatly value your income.
And the most hopeful part is that Google is still working on and exploring YouTube. With that said, chances are, even short videos (YouTube Shorts), you can make money from short videos.

The bottom line is, no matter what the current scenario of YouTube Shorts is, you should make sure to create attractive videos using any of the tools like Wondershare Filmora, YouTube Shorts, etc. in order to attract more subscribers to earn from short videos.


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