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Feasibility study for a car battery project; Top goals and tips

Feasibility study for a car battery project;  Top goals and tips

Feasibility study for a car battery project; The most important objectives and tips, project features, objectives of batteries and car tires projects, location, area, place, and employment for the project. 

Feasibility study for a car battery project is one of the profitable projects that many young people prefer to work in, due to the proliferation of cars. Therefore, we will learn how to conduct a successful feasibility study for a car battery project, in addition to getting acquainted with all that this project needs in terms of employment, costs, advantages, and objectives of the battery project. Cars and other details of this project.

Car batteries project

When preparing a feasibility study for a car battery project, attention should be paid to the following:


This project is one of the projects that need a large number of manpower, especially if the place of the project is a small shop. When the project is expanded, the number of manpower can be expanded.

3 workers can be appointed at the beginning, provided that they have experience and skill at work, because cars are expensive commodities, and if batteries are installed or anything is lost in the car, this may cause some problems.

A person who has experience in purchasing batteries at reasonable prices is also employed, and he has experience in the places from which batteries are obtained at the cheapest prices.

Project marketing

Marketing for the project can be done through more than one method, including 5 marketing methods:

  1. In the beginning, a suitable place should be chosen for the project, so that it is in a residential area in order to facilitate the marketing of the project.
  2. Sufficient lighting should be placed in the shop from the outside, and a large sign showing the project's activity should be placed.
  3. Marketing can also be done through making paper propaganda for the project, and this propaganda is distributed to people on the street, friends and acquaintances, as well as in petrol stations that receive large numbers of cars.
  4. Determining the lowest prices for installing batteries and tires contributes greatly to the publicity of the project and attracting more consumers.
  5. A page should also be created on social networking sites or a funded advertisement should be made on the social networking sites of the project.

Objectives of the batteries and car tires project

The goals that should be reached to open the batteries and car tires project are as follows:

  • This project provides car tires of various types, especially since they are among the necessary necessities in any car.
  • The battery is also one of the basic parts responsible for the movement of the car and the operation of the engine, and it is responsible for the electricity in the entire car.
  • In the event of a malfunction in the batteries or a problem with the tires, it is one of the problems that must be addressed quickly, otherwise the car will not move.
  • Using a battery recharger, makes the battery return to new and thus saves a lot of expenses.
  • The project buys old tires as well as old batteries, and thus saves the customer the price of new tires and new batteries, because he only pays the price difference.
Battery project goals
Battery project goals

The location and area of ​​the car batteries project

One of the things that should be taken into account when preparing a feasibility study for a car battery project is choosing the appropriate location, and the following should be available in it:

  • The location of the project must be distinctive and located near petrol stations, any large garage, parking lots and other places that house a large number of cars.
  • It should also be taken into account to choose a large area suitable for the place to include a large number of cars at the same time.
  • In addition to the need to provide a special place used as a warehouse in order to store various goods such as batteries or tires.
  • It is preferable that the area of ​​the project not be less than 150 square meters, in addition to the availability of warehouses to store goods.

Project requirements for batteries and tires

There are some requirements that should be available for those who wish to open a battery and tire project, including:

  • This project requires some simple tools such as several tires for removing and installing tires, and providing the machine by which the parts of the battery are removed.
  • One of the most important requirements of the project and the most expensive is the availability of a number of different batteries in the industry, as well as a number of tires of different sizes that are suitable for all types of cars.
  • It is also possible to bring a tire stacking machine that is linked to a computer.
  • An electric winch machine to raise the car to the top so that the car tire can be easily changed.
  • A special machine is also brought to adjust the angles of the tires.
  • Availability of a machine that can easily remove and reinstall car tires.
  • Along with some hand tools such as a screwdriver and other equipment that attaches the tires well.
  • Distilled water can also be sold.
  • The device with which the battery is charged, in case the battery is leaking power.

Calculating the profits of the car tire project

Profits are the main goal that must be known before opening any project, but in order to reap profits from this project, it must be known that this matter may take a few months.

Profits are calculated after deducting fixed expenses and workers’ wages from income, and thus the value of profits is extracted.

It may be difficult to determine the capital required to start this project, due to the difference in whether the project location is leased or owned, and the price of goods, machinery and services available in the project location.

Calculating the profits of the car tire project
Calculating the profits of the car tire project

Battery repair device

The battery repair device is one of the most important equipment that must be available in this project, because this device performs the following:

  • Repairing all batteries for various cars , and it is characterized as a device that works with electricity and does not need chemicals.
  • 95% of the used battery charge can be recovered and transferred to a new battery.
  • This device is easy to use, because it contains an electronic screen that helps identify the problem in order to perform quick maintenance.
  • This device is environmentally friendly.

Car batteries project costs

The cost item is one of the basics of the feasibility study for a car battery project. The costs are divided into:

1- Variable costs

These costs change due to changing prices and quantities and are as follows:

  • The cost of utilities such as electricity and water is 840 riyals annually.
  • Renting a place with an area of ​​30 meters will be at a cost of 15,000 riyals annually.
  • Raw materials, which include batteries and distilled water, cost about 331 thousand, and the cost reaches 560 riyals annually.
  • The wages of workers and managers are about 24 thousand riyals annually.
  • Administrative, licensing and marketing expenses are 1100 riyals annually.

2- Fixed costs

Fixed costs are costs that do not change quickly and are:

  • Battery charger.
  • Subscription coin.
  • Battery check device and all these costs will be about 1000 riyals.
  • As well as the costs of incorporation expenses, which are about 4000 Saudi riyals.

Features of the car batteries project

One of the reasons that make many young people accept to work in this project is the availability of a set of advantages, including:

  • This project does not require a lot of costs.
  • It also does not require a large number of manpower.
  • The fixed assets in this project are of medium costs.
  • It also does not require a large headquarters, but a medium headquarters that can accommodate one or more cars.
Features of the car batteries project
Features of the car batteries project

Now we have learned how to prepare a feasibility study for a successful car batteries project that includes the most important basics on which the feasibility study depends in terms of employment, calculating the costs of the project as well as the necessary equipment and tools, the characteristics of the project and the goal for which the project was opened, as well as methods of marketing and advertising, the initial fixed and variable costs of this project .

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