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HitFilm Express; to edit the video

 HitFilm Express If you need a simple and easy-to-use video editing software, is HitFilm all you need to create videos?

HitFilm Express is a great free NLE program that combines video editing and visual effects creation capabilities into a single software package.

HitFilm Express;  to edit the videoIt comes with tons of effects, transitions, and presets built in and in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to get started!

What is HitFilm Express?

HitFilm Express is a free non-linear editor (NLE) that combines video editing and visual effects composition capabilities into a single software package.
It comes with over 140 built-in effects, transitions, and presets. If you're looking for a way to get into the exciting world of filmmaking and visual effects, check this out!
Note: This tutorial was originally created for HitFilm 4 Express. Earlier this year, FXHome released HitFilm Express 2017. While it offers better performance and some additional effects, the workflow described here should continue to work.

  • Benefits of Hut Film

Independent filmmakers and amateurs who want to create movies but may not have the funds to hire a professional editor can turn to HitFilm Express for some editing help. This all-in-one video editing and visual effects solution allows users to import clips and add audio and visual effects to them, all from an elegant user interface. HitFilm Express has a free version that works on both Mac and Windows, and
comes with tutorials that let users create scenes and effects from Hollywood productions like Westworld, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 310 To Yuma, and Portal Combat.
Two scenes can be patched together to produce realistic gun effects, and iconic titles can be created. HitFilm Express users can also bring out the explosion effect by applying advanced tracing techniques, as well as adding lighting effects and portal designs. what are you waiting for?
Go get your free copy of HitFilm Express!

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How to get HitFilm Express for free

Visit the HitFilm program website and click on the “Get HitFilm Express Free” link. You will have to create a new free account.
You may also be asked to share information about HitFilm on your social media account. However, you can skip this screen and go straight to the download.
Once you have downloaded and installed your copy of HitFilm Express, you will be prompted to activate the software.
Just sign in with the account you created earlier and you should be good to go.
After unlocking the program, you will be shown the startup screen.
This screen allows you to browse the latest tutorials, install add-on packages (which cost a little extra money) or start a new project.
For now, just click on the New button.
The first screen you'll see is the Project Settings screen. Here you can select the resolution and frame rate for your video project as well as audio settings.
Once set up, you can go straight to compositing (VFX) or editing.

HitFilm Express program Hit Film Express
HitFilm Express

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HitFilm Express software requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and later, Mac 10.10 and later.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or AMD equivalent.
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more recommended).
  • VRAM: A graphics processor with at least 512MB of video memory, 2GB or more recommended for 4K UHD.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB disk space for HitFilm Express installation.

HitFilm Express features

The main features of HitFilm Express are:

  • Advanced tracking
  • screen simulation
  • distortion of footage
  • Muzzle flash effects
  • Change background images
  • lighting effects
  • Create realistic gun effects
  • Grading Tools
  • Import and animate complex 3D models
  • Masking and layering technique

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Additional HitFilm Express Features

Besides the normal features and tools, HitFilm has a lot that has been specially developed for it and is actively used by professionals.

  • Sky replacement tool

This HitFilm 4 Express tutorial shows recreating Westworld-style scenes and effects.
Moreover, it provides an option that allows users to change the background in their scenes. It is
called the Sky Replacement Tool. Use it to transform a flat, dull plain into a picturesque mountain range, or a dull winter sky into a dramatic sunset.

  • Masking and overlaying technique

HitFilm 32-bit or 64-bit also contains masking and overlaying tools that make it easy to form your squad of characters. This is the technology for creating an army of attack aircraft in Star Wars: Uprising.
With it, the actors in the movie are duplicated in just a few minutes.

  • 3D models

3D model animation is one of the great features offered by video editing and visual effects software.
Users can import their own 3D models to produce and animate transport and combat vehicles, such as the All Terrain Armored Transport or AT-AT walkers in Star Wars.

  • Science fiction visual effects

The famous Iron Man HUD can be recreated with special lighting and framing in HitFilm Express.
Users can even make their own version of it. This and the ability to animate weapons with muzzle flash and portal effects make the software suitable for creating stunning sci-fi action sequences.

  • Tracking and simulating screen applicants

HitFilm Express 4 highlights one of its advanced features, which gives users the ability to track the movement of moving objects in video clips.
But once they do, they can add new objects that follow the same movement pattern. This improved software tracking feature is also used when the interface of instruments or devices in parts is replaced,
as the new interface simulates the movement of these devices.

HitFilm Express Basics

HitFilm's interface is divided into a number of different panels.
Main Menu Here you will find all the options to manage your project, change its settings and export everything to a video file.

  • Trimmer Tool: The Trimmer Tool provides a convenient way to quickly trim your (potentially long) footage and extract only the parts you want out of it.
  • Preview window: Here you will see a preview of the editing timeline or composite footage. The displayed frame is the frame in your current timeline indicator.
  • Media panel: The Media panel contains all the video, image, and audio files that you import into your project. You can use it to manage and organize your files.
  • Timeline: The timeline displays all layers in the editor's main timeline or within a composite.
    Composite shots are required if you want to work on visual effects and layer multiple videos on top of each other.
  • Audio meter: These meters display audio levels during playback so you can make sure there is no clipping.
HitFilm Express
HitFilm Express

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HitFilm Express software interface

To import snapshots into your project

  • Simply click on the "Import" option in the media panel. You can also drag and drop files from explorer or finder directly into the media panel.
  • At the bottom of the panel is a small folder icon that allows you to create folders in your project to keep your imported media organized.
  • When you select a video file in the Media panel, you'll see a preview of it in the Trimmer panel. The trimmer gives you an easy way to clean up your imported source material.
  • You can place photo, video and audio files on your timeline by simply dragging and dropping them from the media panel.
  • If you drag and drop a video file into your editor timeline and it doesn't match your current project settings, HitFilm will show you the following warning.
  • Simply click Yes if you want HitFilm Express to change the sequence settings to match your video file.
  • Trimmer actually does more than just preview your footage. You can use the controls at the bottom to select the starting and ending points for what you want to extract.
    Then simply drag from the Trimmer's preview window onto your Timeline to drop the trimmed clip onto it.

Editing in HitFilm Express

On the left side of the Timeline window, you'll find a number of tools. These allow you to move, cut, delete, stretch, and adjust clips on your timeline.
Use these tools to bundle the general editing of your project.

  • You can actually layer multiple layers on top of each other in the editor's timeline.
    This is useful for placing images or text with a transparent background on top of your video and creating titles or other overlay effects.
  • An example is multiple video and audio layers in the editor timeline.
  • You can place a Muzzle Flash stock footage element with a transparent background over a specific clip that shot a fake gun.
  • Finally, you can also add a sound effect in the audio track below.
  • Also, you can simply drag and drop sound effects and music tracks to the audio tracks in the editor's timeline.
    To adjust the volume, simply click and drag on the horizontal line in the audio file.
  • In terms of "editing," this is where HitFilm's capabilities end. Any more complex layers of different video and image elements,
    applying effects and blending different layers together fall under "compositing". Fortunately, Hut Film can do that too!
Hut Film application
HitFilm Express

Installation in HitFilm Express

To superimpose multiple layers on top of each other, you need to create a Composite Snapshot. You can do this from the New menu in the Media panel.
You can also right-click a clip in the editor's timeline and select Create composite clip.
Within a composite shot, you can create a large number of different layers that help you create stunning visual effects and motion graphics.
These layers include Lights, Plane, Text, Degree, and Point, as well as the 3D Camera.


On the left side of the timeline, behind the Media tab, you'll find the Effects panel.
This panel also contains a large number of video and audio effects that you can apply to any of your layers simply by dragging and dropping.
Next to each layer you will find a small triangle.

  • You can click on these triangles to expand your layers and reveal their properties. These include settings for size, position, and opacity, as well as any effects you've applied.
  • You can then tweak all of these settings to your liking.
    You can change the blending mode of your layers in Layer Properties or in the Control Panel, which you can find under the Media and Effects panels.
  • You can also create masks with the Pen tool, apply effects and do all sorts of other cool things to create interesting visual effects.
  • Once you're done, you'll likely want to export your project. For that, click on the Export tab on the main menu bar of HitFilm Express.
  • But this will open the export queue. The export queue is new to HitFilm Express 2017.
    Simply add your editor timeline or composite shot to the queue, apply one of the presets from the right side and click Export!

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How to edit videos for free with HitFilm Express?

Go where you want your story to go faster. In this tutorial, we show you all the free video editing tools your new software has to offer,
and teach you how to add creative transitions to make your content stand out from the rest.

  • Add text in HitFilm Express

Every video needs a little flair. Show viewers who you really are with flashy title sequences for your short film,
or drop in the lower third to decorate your YouTube videos or vlogs.

  • How to edit audio in HitFilm Express

Make that message ring in the viewer's ears by recording the perfect audio. In HitFilm Express,
you can easily adjust the keyframe size, as well as add sound effects, to make your visuals POP.
We also show you how to tune audio and tweak multiple tracks with our audio mixer.

  • How to Color Score in HitFilm Express App

Produce professional-looking snapshots for free, no matter what you shot them on. In this tutorial, we'll explain white balance,
and show how you can polish your clips with our color correction and grading tools.
Express gives you everything you need to darken, lighten, or sharpen your clips, and it
comes with hundreds of presets to help you find your signature look.

  • How to use keyframes for animation in HitFilm Express?

Add a little energy and movement to your creations with keyframes. Using the motion tracking features of HitFilm Express,
you can also track moving elements in your video clips, making it easy to attach animated text, effects or other layers to an animated point in a few simple steps.

  • Remove backgrounds with Chroma key

No professional background to shoot against? And no space station for your sci-fi movie? Not a problem. We have the most powerful switch technology in the industry.
Learn how to use green screen and rotoscopes in this penultimate tutorial to transport yourself anywhere in the world (and beyond) and make it look realistic!

How to export your project in HitFilm Express

I made the next viral video. Until now, share it with the world. We've made it super easy to export what you need with the right default settings for specific platforms, like YouTube.
Use our built-in presets, or create your own! And don't worry, you can keep exporting in the background while you start your next project.

Why do I see a watermark?

If Hut Movie adds a watermark to the export, it's because you're using either the trial version or a purchasable add-on package.
But make sure your copy is registered and check the "add-on" icon on the effects you use in your project.

HitFilm is a great tool that allows you to edit videos and create visual effects. While you can upgrade to the Professional version, the Express version offers everything you need to get started.
Also, this software can easily handle simple video editing tasks as well as highly complex effects.

In fact, nothing is impossible for Hut Film. I would like to have introduced you to the best functionality that I noticed after downloading HitFilm Express.


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