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Housewares plastic factory project

Housewares plastic factory project

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The feasibility study of a plastic housewares factory will help those who wish to open a housewares project, because we will learn, through the feasibility study, the most important things that must be studied before opening the project, the requirements that the project needs, the method of marketing, its success factors, and other things that help in the study feasibility.

Feasibility study of a plastic housewares factory

1- The work team

In order for the project to be successful, attention must be paid during the preparation of the feasibility study for a plastic housewares factory in the work team, which includes: cleaners, a technical worker, a project manager, a group of workers for packing and delivering orders, as well as workers who work on the machines.

2- Choose the location and area

Attention should be paid to choosing a location and space suitable for the establishment of the factory, preferably at least 250 meters.

It is preferable that the site be equipped with concrete in order to facilitate the installation of equipment on it easily, and a power source that reaches more than 380 volts with a capacity of 26 watts should be available.

3- Products

The products to be manufactured are provided in the household appliances factory, whether it is plastic or melamine, according to the desire of the project owner.

4- Marketing the project

One of the factors that must be taken into account for the success of the project is good marketing, and this can be done through several methods, including:

  • Marketing through sales representatives for products that are manufactured inside the factory.
  • Marketing is also done through newspapers and websites.
  • In addition to marketing through social networking sites.
  • The products are also presented to wholesalers and retailers, and various offers and discounts are provided to them.
  • Brochures can be made with the products provided by the factory and the competitive prices of these products, which is one of the methods of marketing and advertising, because many consumers are looking for the product with a cheap price.
Feasibility study of a plastic housewares factory
Feasibility study of a plastic housewares factory

The main objective of the household plastic tools project

Establishing a household plastics project that aims to achieve a set of objectives, including the following:

  • The project aims to manufacture large numbers of high-quality plastic kits.
  • The factory also provides all the features that must be available in the product, so that it is light in weight , has an aesthetic shape, and is made of a heat-insulating material and is not affected by acidity.

Basic requirements for the plastics factory

The plastic factory needs to have a set of necessary tools, including the following:

  • Drawing paper, which is used to draw various plastic tools and trays.
  • Urea powder, which is hydrolyzed into aluminum carbonate, which is in the form of a transparent powder.
  • In addition to melamine powder, which is in the form of white crystals that do not dissolve in ether.
  • Molds used in the manufacture of plastics.
  • Other factory equipment such as packaging machine, packing machine, finishing machine.
  • Plastic manufacturing machine, of which there are many different types and sizes.

Conditions for opening a plastic factory

In order for the plastic factory to open, a set of conditions must be met, which are as follows:

  • The factory should include a group of construction units, so that it includes a place designated for raw materials, another place designated for placing materials production, and a place for serving workers.
  • The factory should have a set of equipment, machines, and equipment in their appropriate places, according to the area of ​​the place.
  • The raw materials available in the factory must also be sufficient for production for at least 3 months.
  • As for the warehouse, the place should be able to produce raw materials within 60 days.
  • Also, a set of services for workers should be available, such as bathrooms, changing rooms , a place for first aid, and others.

Conditions for obtaining a plastic houseware factory license

A set of conditions must be met in order to obtain a factory license. These conditions are as follows:

  • The commercial registration of the project should be submitted.
  • A documented master plan is also submitted for licensing.
  • The safety and security plan and safety services are also activated.
  • Provides a valid commercial register.
  • Also, an acknowledgment is submitted stating that the periodic maintenance of all devices is compatible with safety and protection within the factory.
  • Emergency exits must also be available according to standard conditions.
  • Availability of fire devices All fire devices should be connected to the main panel of the factory.
  • Provide good sources of proper lighting.
  • Putting the site guide signs in their correct places inside the factory.

Characteristics of the plastic housewares factory project

Among the features available in the plastic factory project are the following:

  • Many young people finish their work in the government sector or do not find a suitable opportunity to work, so working in this project is a good opportunity to obtain their own income.
  • This project does not require a large and huge capital.
  • This project is one of the profitable projects from which a lot of profits can be achieved in a short time.

Steps to start a plastic factory project

When preparing a feasibility study for a plastic housewares factory, the project should be started in an orderly manner, according to a set of steps, such as:

  • In the beginning, a suitable place for the project must be obtained in order to place the plastic bags in it and have a suitable area.
  • In addition to being familiar with and fully bringing equipment and tools.
  • Then the work team is selected according to the project area and the number of machines. The more the project is expanded, the more the work team will be.
  • A good source of ventilation and lighting should also be provided.
  • A group of plastic bags is also produced at a few prices lower than the market for the success of the project.
Steps to start a plastics project
Steps to start a plastics project

Profits of a plastic factory project

In order for the plastic housewares project to make a profit, it takes a few months after the products are manufactured and started to be sold.

The percentage of profits is calculated by subtracting fixed expenses, salaries and other revenues in order to extract the net profit.

Factors of success of the plastic factory project

For every successful plastics and household appliances project, this group of tips should be adhered to:

  • The plant can operate throughout the day, working in a 3-shift system.
  • You do not have to worry about the consumption of the machines, because the machines are already hot and do not consume as much electricity as it takes to heat the equipment.
  • The higher the factory revenues, the more machines and equipment can be increased, as well as the number of workers, and thus more profits can be achieved.
  • The products that are manufactured must be of high quality in order for the project to succeed, because the quality of the product is the basis for the success of any project.
  • It is preferable to set prices lower than those in the market to ensure the success of the project.
  • A trained work team that has experience is one of the main success factors for the project. Therefore, training courses should be held for a work team that does not have experience and adhering to the trained cadres.
  • Diversity in marketing methods helps in the success of the project.
  • Good planning and effective management are the basis for the success of any project, so the project manager should be someone who has experience in the plastics industry, how to operate machinery and equipment, and has experience in marketing.
  • Good follow-up of all stages of the project, especially since the manufacture of plastic products goes through many stages.

After getting acquainted with the method of conducting a feasibility study for a plastic housewares factory, care should be taken to adhere to all existing factors related to the project, such as the method of marketing, selection of workers and identification of costs and other various factors related to the project.

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