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 Magisto, the comprehensive video editing, montage and editing application, download the Magisto application, and learn with us how to use the program and share it step by step.

Magisto automatically transforms your video and photo memories into gorgeous edited movies, complete with your choice of music, gorgeous graphics, and effects, in just a few magical minutes! It is preferred by everyone because downloading the Magisto program is free and easy. Join a community of over 55 million users to learn how to use Magisto.
You don't have to be a video or photo editor or know anything about video or photo montage at all. Magisto will analyze your video and photos and stitch them together for you, creating a professional-looking movie edit you'll be proud to share with your friends.

Download Magisto

Magisto Professional and Business plans are available annually and start at $19.99 per month. You have the option to pay for an entire year up front or pay monthly. Your advantage in choosing the annual plan is that it comes at a discount.
There is a seven-day free trial in which you have to enter credit card information, but you won't be charged until after the trial period ends.
QomDownload Magisto for Apple devices from here.
for Android here.

How to use the Magisto app

Magisto has quite a few options for creating marketing videos, one of which is the AI-powered solution for video production marketing. Magisto also allows marketers to create videos from a blank canvas and use pre-made templates to create stunning marketing materials.

Download Magisto video editing software
Magisto application

An AI video can be made in three simple steps.

  • First: Upload your work photos and videos.
  • Second: Choose the video and soundtrack editing style from the Magisto library.
  • Third: Its AI technology will automatically create a video for you.

Share videos in the Magisto app

In terms of sharing your videos, you can optimize your videos for social media, email marketing, content marketing, and video advertising platforms, including:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter
  • Youtube.
  • Instagram.
  • The Google.
    Magisto Editor is clean, simple, and packed with options for customizing your marketing videos. You can also add or hide texts, show objects, add an audio track, customize video settings, and much more.
Download the Magisto video montage application

How to make a video montage using Magento

  • Name your video: From the top right corner, edit the name of your marketing video.
    Editing Style: Customize different styles, from product reviews to tutorials/product overviews. From Edit Style, change the primary and secondary colors of your theme.
  • Give your campaigns an extra boost, with related marketing and advertising patterns. It is optimized for platforms like Facebook and YouTube. There, add your logo and captions to make them reflect the true nature of your brand.
  • Soundtrack: Bring your videos to life with music. Magisto's music library consists of more than 1,000 free songs that can be sorted using a system of filters and categories. You have the option to upload your own music and remove the music from your video entirely if you like.
  • Video Settings: Here, you have the option to change the effects and control the speed/frequency of your video, and the orientation of the video (landscape, portrait, and square). Even add a logo and contact details directly into the video montage
  • However, when editing videos from the storyboard editor, clicking on the storyboard block gives you several options:
  • Highlight videos
  • Rotate and hide
  • Add addresses
  • Subtitles
    From the top left corner, add photos from your Magisto collection, Google Photos, or directly from your computer. This part of Magisto is very useful for marketers, as you can choose from countless related videos/images.
  • But in terms of video/photo quality, Pro plan users can download videos up to 720p (HD quality). Business plan subscribers can download videos in up to 1080p (Full HD quality).

Magisto mobile app

With mobile apps for both iOS and Android users, marketers can create and edit videos on the go from the convenience of their mobile device and share them on their social channels.

Share, export and save

Digital marketing professionals have a lot of options when it comes to sharing their video content, which we'll dive into a bit below. Everything is possible from embedding to email sharing.


After completing your marketing video, you have the option to share it on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and email.


Copy and paste the embed code for your video and embed it on your website. There are also integrations with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, HubSpot, Drip, Constant Contact - and more than a dozen marketing/marketing platforms.Email marketingRelated.
This allows you to send your marketing videos to targeted lists.
From the same menu option, control the size of the image that will be used as a thumbnail for your video when you share it. You can also control thumbnail icon size, embed type and size as well as launcher options.


One really standout feature is the ability to send marketing videos to your contact list via Magisto, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.
After viewing your marketing video, share it on social media and other platforms.
Show ideas by clicking the Ideas button centered on the right side of Sharing Settings.

Magisto Pros

There are plenty of features geared toward marketing professionals such as integrations with HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and FaceBook Marketing Partners.
Automatically create video montages using Magisto AI technology designed to capture and arrange your photos and video clips into a professional-looking video with text, effects, and music.
Marketers can access mobile video editing through Magisto mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Magisto Cons

There is no phone support but there is great customer service which is provided through the live chat functionality. There, send and receive files such as screenshots.
Photo editing has to be done in the photo editor, as there is no in-platform photo editing feature.

We have provided you with an explanation of the Magisto application, but in order for you to learn how to use the Magisto application professionally, and to master video editing and montage, good training on the various components of the program is necessary.


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