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Profit from blogging: Earn money by blogging Arabic

 Profit from blogging, profit from Arabic blogging, profit from home, these addresses are the dream of all Arab youth today, due to the great potential for making profits.

Profit from blogging, profit from Arabic blogging, how to start your way to earn money and profit from home. Is blogging profitable? There are many questions and inquiries that come to your mind when you first think about making money from blogging. There are those who say that the profit from Arabic blogging, and the profit from Arab blogs, is very little, and as we say colloquially (it is not worth the effort). Follow along with us to guide you step by step to start profiting from Arabic blogging and Arabic blogs.

What is the real profit from blogging

Earn from blogging

The truth is, it is not easy to make money blogging or start earning from home, but at the same time anyone can do it.
Yes, and based on my personal experience, I repeat and repeat that anyone can make a profit from Arab blogs (not only foreign ones, as they say). But you need patience, effort, fatigue and continuity.

It is true that profit from foreign blogs is much higher than from Arabic blogs, but this does not mean that you will not be able to earn from Arabic blogging.
What distinguishes working with Arabic blogging from foreign ones is the lack of competition and quality, as Arabs generally do not have much patience.
You will find a lot of people who blog and write some articles and work for a few months and then say why didn't I earn money from my blog.

A blog needs work and a lot of work to be profitable. Blogging should become a way of life and as they say if you want to succeed in blogging, if you want to make profit from home a reality, then you have to get used to loneliness and get used to spending hours and hours behind the screen of your device while you write and analyze.

The important advice we give you to achieve your dream of profiting from Arabic blogging is: Don't give up.

Step by step to start earning from Arabic blogging

Earn from blogging
Steps to profit from blogging

At the beginning of your way to profit from Arabic blogging, you have to think about a group of things in order to start your business properly.

First Step: How do I start a blog?

The first thing you think about when you decide to make a blog is, “The matter of blogging is difficult, and how can I do one when I have no technical experience.” It's like walking through a minefield. Don't worry, we will guide you to do it in simple steps.

When it comes to how to start and monetize a blog, you have two options:

  • As for using a free blogging platform and working on it.
  • Or create your own website.

1. Free blogging platforms

As for your choice to work on free blogging platforms, it is good for amateurs and regular bloggers, but if you want to profit from home and through your blog, it is not recommended to start with free blogs for that.


  • Super easy to set up.


  • Limitations on customization and uploading of videos/photos.
  • You often can't place ads (which are a major source of income for blogs) or use affiliate links.
  • You cannot create a custom URL (it would look like: www.yourblog.wordpress.com) and the platform reserves the right to delete your blog.
    • The Best Free Blogging Platforms On The Internet (Best Blogging Sites 2020).
      • WordPress. com, (WordPress) is a free and easy-to-use blog hosting service.
        You can easily create your own blog on it, and if you choose the free ones, you will suffer from the disadvantages mentioned above.
      •  Blogger is a free, easy-to-use blog hosting service.
        But if you want to control the blog more and customize it more, Blogger is not recommended.

2. Create your website.

Best for: Dedicated bloggers and those looking to make money from blogging and thus profit from blogging.


  • Full control over design and customization.
  • Your custom URL.
  • The ability to use ads and affiliate links the way you prefer.


  • Here, before doing anything, you have to pay first for your domain name (URL) and then pay for hosting.

If you are not particularly tech savvy, the idea of ​​creating your own website can seem very intimidating.
But it's actually very easy to do, and you can create a website in just 20 minutes.
With your own website, you will be able to create a unique personal brand (using your own URL), and there is no risk of the blog being deleted by the platform. You will own the site and have complete control.

WordPress has a huge number of templates or “themes” for you to choose from, take your time to decide what suits your personality and blog theme.

Step Two: How to choose a blog topic (niche)

The most important part when you decide to make a blog (Blogging), is to choose the topic of the blog or as it is called (niche). The choice you make here will determine how difficult or easy it will be for the future of your blog.

What does this mean: It means that, for example, if you want to make a blog about technology. You will see that most Arab bloggers think of making a blog about technology in general (and this is a common mistake).
You have to specialize. Yes, when you start your blog, you have to specialize in a specific field at the beginning. This means that your blog can appear in search engines and your articles can be at the top of Google search results.

You cannot write about all areas of technology in one blog. (Unless, for example, you have a very large number of writers who write articles on a daily and continuous basis and cover all kinds of technology, and this will be an expensive thing).

If you choose the topic of technology, for example, you should make the topic of your blog or niche a blog for Android devices, a blog for technical explanations, a blog for artificial intelligence, and so on.

When you select a specific topic and focus on it, your blog will be able to appear in search engines.
Thus, you can profit from your blog and achieve what everyone is looking for, which is profit from blogging.

Let the topic of your blog be what you love and what you are passionate about, and be patient and you will see the good results come by themselves.

 Best ways to find a topic for your new blog:

  • The best way is, as they say, to study the market, that is, to search other blogs, see successful blogs, and find out what topics they chose.
    You need to know the market and its needs before making your choice.
  • You can use Google, find what people are searching for, and use Google's suggested searches and autocomplete to discover what people are looking for.
  • You can also search in the forums and discuss with the community there, about what is needed and what is available, and about what is currently being searched.
  • Search the media, for topics that the media talks about a lot, for topics that have a great trend.
    Choose a topic that will last you a long time, not just for a short time. You should always know what the trends are at the moment.
  • Think of new ways to add content. Can you do courses or courses/user guides? reviews? interviews?
  • Identify your own interests and passions. While all of the above is important, there is no point in blogging about something you have no interest in at all. You will get bored quickly and people will notice your lack of enthusiasm. Write about something you really care about.

Someone might say, How will I blog about technology, and there are thousands of technical blogs, how can I profit from blogging in the presence of so many blogs on the same topic.

The answer is: it doesn't matter what you write about, but how you write about it, that's what sets you apart.

Step three: how to increase your traffic.

How do I earn more traffic to your site? After you have created your desired website or blog.
We come to the important point, which is that visitors will not come to you like this. Simply put, you have to market and promote your blog to increase traffic to the blog.
In order to achieve what you aspire to, which is profit from home and profit from blogging.

Some methods that help you increase traffic to your blog

  1. Promote your blog on social media

    Clearly today, no business can be done without thinking about promoting it on social media.
    When working in blogging, the first thing you should do is promote your blog and articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn.
    And if you have some budget, you can use paid ads on these platforms, as it has a great benefit in increasing the number of visitors, and you start profiting from Arabic blogs.

  2. Connect with other bloggers

    You can communicate with the owners of other blogs and bloggers (Blogging) in the same field and specialization, and you exchange articles (that is, the exchange of article links) between you (this step helps a lot in strengthening the appearance of your articles in the search results).
    This exchange of links is called a backlink , if you've heard this term before while you're blogging.
    In short, the backlink is for you to place your blog links or links to your articles on other reliable and powerful sites.
    What does a backlink do? Google search algorithms love to track links, and when these algorithms see links to your articles and blogs on other trusted sites.
    This thing gives the reliability of your site and Google classifies your site as good and helps improve the results of appearing in the search results.

  3. Respond frequently to comments that come in on your blog

    This makes your readers feel that you are with them and hear them and always offer advice and help.

  4. Follow the latest global developments

    You should always write articles that are modern and related to reality, or as it is said that you should always search for what is trending and search for topics that are frequently searched for. You have to write about what brings readers, for example, if the topic of your blog is about technology (trending topics in technology, which are areas of profit from the Internet, always have great research).

Step Four: How to start profiting from the blog

The last step that everyone is looking for in order to profit from home is how to start profiting from Arabic blogging and profiting from Arabic blogs.

Best ways to make money blogging:

  1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog.
    You can use affiliate marketing to make some money by promoting other people's products and services on your own blog.
  2. Add banner ads to your website.
    You can profit from blogs, by adding special ads and making money for these ads.
  3. Writing ads and sponsored content
    When your blog becomes popular and well-known, and you become an influential person, some companies may support and fund you in return for writing for them.
  4. Selling digital products on your blog
    Through your blog, you can sell and market digital products and make money from home.
  5. There are many other ways you can work on making more money blogging. You can enter the link below to find detailed information that will take you step by step in order to make a profit from Arabic blogging.

In the end, profit from home and profit from blogging remains the desire of all ambitious youth. Yes, you can do that only through patience and continuous and continuous work.


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