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10 steps to making a profit from buying and selling websites, in detail

 Are you looking for profit from buying and selling websites? Or profit from buying and selling websites. Do you want to profit from the Internet 2021? What is Flippa, the popular website selling site?

Are you looking for profit from buying and selling websites? Or as it can be called profit from buying and selling websites. Do you want to profit from the Internet 2021? What is the popular Flippa site for selling websites?

If you own a website or blog and want to sell it, follow us to learn how to sell websites. And to know how to buy a blog and how to evaluate the price of the site before buying it.

If you dream of making money from the Internet, we will give you 10 steps to making a profit from buying and selling websites in detail.

Steps to profit from buying and selling websites

You need to set a budget and time

You can consider the buying and selling of websites, like any real trading or investment of money. Here you are buying something for a sum of money and then you want to try to sell it again at a higher price to make a profit.
You need here:

    • Determine the amount that you want to invest in or the amount that you can spend in purchasing a website.
    • Determine the time or duration of the investment that you will make. (You will need to buy a site and then you will improve on this site to make it better and then try to sell it again).

You have to study the sites that you want to buy

    • The well-known term here in English is (evergreen niches), and if we make a literal translation of it, it means (permanent green niches).
      What does it mean: When you decide to buy and sell websites, you have to keep in mind several important points, namely:

      • That the site’s specialty, or the niches of the site, be important, and it has a continuous demand, not a temporary one.
        For example, sites interested in sports, beauty and health, food, clothing or electronics are sites and topics that do not end with time. People will keep looking for these things.
        Either if the niche (Niches), for example, is about a certain fashion (this fashion may end), or it is about a specific brand (this brand may go).
        Always think about the requirements of the market, and always stay within the circle.
      • To choose sites that are likely to have a great demand in the future (for example, topics such as artificial intelligence are among the topics that will dominate the world in the future).
      • The last important point, you must choose a site or niche that matches your interest and what you love.
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Do you want to start making money from buying and selling websites?

If you want to make money from the Internet 2020, and find out what is the best site for selling websites, you must try Flippa (Flippa website for buying websites).
Many people buy and sell websites on Flippa.com.
Flipa has more than 200,000 buyers looking to buy and sell websites.

Flippa was founded in 2009, Flippa has sold more than 250,000 websites worldwide.

Flippa app
Flippa website

The best websites for selling websites

In the event that you decide to carry out the process and are looking for a way to buy a website, you must search for sites that provide these profit services from buying and selling websites.

You must bear in mind that the relationship will be direct between the price of the site and the return that can be achieved from it. For example, if you find a site that earns about $100 per month, you should expect its price to be between $12,000 to $18,000.

And in the event that you find a site at a low price, it will undoubtedly have few profits, or it is a site that is still in the beginning. In any case, we will put together a list of the best websites for selling websites.

Most of the competent and reliable websites in buying and selling websites are foreign websites. There are no real Arabic sites for this or have high credibility, but you can search in Google or in the forums for Arabic sites ready for sale. These sites are divided into several categories:

    • Buying websites through intermediaries, such as:
      •  FlippingEnterprises.com
      • Wesellyoursite.com.
    • Through website marketplaces, such as:
      •  Flippa.com
      • Bizbuysell.com
      • WebsiteBroker.com.
    • Directly via the buyer (you can search on Google or you know someone who wants to sell their site).

Questions before buying and selling websites

Always before you think about making a profit from buying and selling websites, you should think about evaluating the price and specifications of the site. As a quick assessment first, some important questions should be answered.

    • Why does he want to sell the site?
      You have to look for the reasons and analyze the site well to know everything about the site.
      You can find out from the owner of the site or search in Google for the results of the site and its sales and where it is located in the search pages and what is the ranking of the site globally and so on.
    • Do they provide proof of revenue and traffic?
      You have to know the revenue of the site before you buy it, know the traffic to the site and also have access to Google Analytics for the site
    • Can you trust the seller?
      You have to take a look at the seller's accounts, on his social pages, or google his name and collect all possible information.

Dig deeper into the details

After you have worked out the important questions on your way to buying and selling websites, you need to dig deeper.

What should I know when buying a website: There is a lot to know but some important points are:

    • Knowledge of traffic analytics

      Are there periods when traffic is disrupted? Are their traffic sources well distributed rather than relying heavily on a single source?

    • You should have a look at their referral sites

      Does the seller own any of these links and will the links remain after the sale?

    • Proof of revenue

      If necessary, have the seller provide a video of them being logged into their affiliate or merchant accounts and prove that it is coming from the URL of the associated account.
      For example, get reports for Google Adsense.

    • Talk to the seller

      One of the best ways to gain trust is to talk to the seller over the phone or over Skype.
      Not only will this help you identify who they are, but it will increase the chances that they will be willing to work with you on the price when it comes time to make an offer.

    • Talk to a specialist

      If you are not sure how to proceed with the process (buying and selling websites) or you are not confident about the process, talk to a third party. Many brokers are willing to provide “buy-side” services and help with expertise and advice.

    • Make the right offerIf you feel like this is the right website for you, then it's time to make your offer to buy. You should study the site well, analyze it in detail, and then present the offer that suits you.

You own the site, now what?

The short answer to these questions is, get started! The higher your monthly earnings, the higher the value of the site. Literally thousands of articles have been written on the topic of building traffic and monetizing websites. You can search a bit and learn.

You now own the site and therefore you can start profiting from buying and selling websites. You should search for ways to profit from the Internet 2020 and how to profit from your new website or blog.

Make the decision to sell

If your website is attractive enough. It has steady or growing traffic and earnings in a strong position - it's more likely to sell for more than you paid for it. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if this is the right time to sell for you:

    • Have you taken all the necessary steps to optimize your site and improve the traffic coming to it in order to increase profits?
      This is why many sellers decide it is time to sell the site.
    • What percentage of your investment is actually returned?
      Will you get a positive return on your investment if you sell now?
    • What will you do with the proceeds from the sale?
    • How likely is this new site to make more money?

How do I sell a website

This is the important part. How do I sell a website? When you want to buy and sell websites online, you have to think the same way you would if you wanted to sell any other product. You have to market this site and search for the audience that wants it.

You'll find the most qualified buyers in the same places you went to buy a site, through brokers, online marketplaces, and forums.
Key points to remember:

      • Keep detailed records of your traffic and income (Google Analytics, monthly profit/loss statement, access to reports from affiliate networks or merchant accounts, etc.).
      • Be open, honest, and available to help with questions.
        Most buyers want to get a clear picture of the site's past performance.
      • Do not be greedy. Always ask for a reasonable and realistic price in order to achieve the sale process in the fastest time and in the best way.
        To set your price well (search for sites similar to yours and their price).

Don't give up

The most important tip is that you have to try again and again. If you want to make money from the Internet 2020 and want to make a profit from buying and selling websites, you should try continuously.

The fact of making a profit from buying and selling websites?

Buy and sell websites
Buy and sell websites

If you are thinking of making money online, you have a lot of options. Buying and selling websites for profit is not for everyone. It takes a lot of work and skill to locate the right ones and increase their value.

But if you know how to spot a good opportunity and have some experience in increasing website traffic and revenue online, buying and selling websites can make you a lot of money.

In the end, it can be said that there are many ways to make money from the Internet, and profit from buying and selling websites is one of the important ways that you should try.
If you need more details, you can mention them in the comments, so that we can help and advise you.


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