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The best applications for making money from the Internet for the year 2022

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Money making applications, profit from mobile phones, the most important money making applications 2022, making money from Android and iPhone applications, all these terms fall into one category that everyone is searching for today. It is profit from the Internet and profit from mobile 2022.

We will present to you a group of the most important ways to earn money from the Internet 2022 and the most important ways to profit from mobile applications.

Today, in our time, there is no person who does not own a smart phone, which he uses for all kinds of things. Through mobile, we do everything today from banking services to dealing with bills via smartphone. So why not use your phone to make money online? Why not make a profit from the mobile phone? It is better that we also use a mobile phone to earn money from it. Today we will present to you some of the best money-making applications for the year 2022 to earn some extra money while you are using your phone while you are at home.

It is true that you will not become rich after using these applications, but in return you do nothing or make little effort.

WikiBay - Wikibuy

Wikibuy is one of the best money making (but dependent saving) apps out there. That is, here you will not earn extra money, but you will save some money.

How is that: WikiBay helps you earn money from your mobile phone in two ways:

  • Either will find the best deals for you and the products you are looking for and want.
  • Or give you rewards or points that you exchange for gift cards from some sites.
  • You can access Wikibuy by going to the official website and then installing its browser extension.
    The first is to make sure you get the best price available for the products you buy online or in stores. A penny saved is a penny earned, so saving money on a purchase you were going to make anyway is about as good as making money. Wikibuy has a database of every website that sells a product and the price they sell it for. Another way to make money on Wikibuy is to give you Rewards when you shop. When you shop at one of these stores, you will get reward points that you can redeem for gift cards for popular websites.
  • Robin Hood

    Robinhood is an investment app that offers you the opportunity to buy stocks with a trading cost of $0. The beauty of the app is that you can invest in partial shares of stocks.
    So if you only have $20 to invest, you can still own a piece of Google.

    It's free to sign up for Robinhood, you'll get a free stake.
    This share of stock can be worth anywhere between $2.50 and $200.

  • Money making apps (Swagbucks)

    Swagbucks is one of the most important ways to profit from mobile applications, by doing surveys and opinion polls or doing some other simple tasks such as watching videos and others.


  • Acorns is one of the applications for making money from investment and savings, as it offers you $ 10 after registration. It is one of the most important ways to make money from the Internet 2020.

    • Acorns can help you track your daily finances, save for the future, and plan your investment strategy for your requirements.
    • Using your smartphone, you can connect the app to either your bank account or a primary credit card.
      The app will help you save in multiple ways.
    • You can download the application from the official website.
  •  One of the money-making applications is the Earny app

    If you use credit cards or retailer apps, some of the items you purchase may be subject to price protection policies.
    This means that if the price drops within a certain period from the time of purchase, you will get your money back.

    • Earn with your credit cards to automatically search for lower prices and subsequent refunds.
    • The application takes 25% of the refunds you get. However, you will consider yourself a winner, because you will often make these mistakes, and all this money may go to you.Upwork
  • It is not possible to talk about profit from the Internet in general, without talking about Upwork. The site through which you can sell your services and profit from a distance.
    You can provide writing, programming, design, training and any kind of services related to freelance work, freelancer.

    Also read: Your way to freelance work (Freelancer), the comprehensive guide for 2021

  • Money App - Money App

    Money app (available for iOS and Android). You can download the app from the official app stores

    It is a market research app that earns you rewards for completing tasks, which include:

    • Submit opinions.
    • Playing games.
    • Check store offers.
    • Mystery shopping.
    • Test services and participate in free trials.

      How to earn money from mobile:

    • Simply open a Money app account and start completing tasks to collect rewards, which you can redeem for cash using your PayPal account.
      What distinguishes this application from other mobile profit applications 2021 is that you can get money within two to three working days.
      Which is unusual in the world of market research apps that usually pay once a month or offer no cash rewards at all.
    • If you want to search for money making apps, this app is indispensable for you.
  • Money earning apps (iPoll)

    iPoll app works on iOS and Android. You can download by entering the official website.

    • It is an application dedicated to market research that allows you to (earn money from Android and iPhone applications) through:
      • Conduct market surveys.
      • and diary entry (about a specific product).
      • Complete retail related tasks.

        How to earn money from the phone:

        You sign up and you are asked for some basic information, such as your preferences and consumer habits, to determine your suitability for the tasks.
        Hence, you receive alerts when there are new tasks available based on your preferences and location.
        The beauty of this market research app is that it's personalized, so you get alerts for tasks and tasks that fit your interests and what you might actually enjoy doing.

  • Money making apps (Foap)

    It is one of the 2020 money making apps available for iOS and Android.

    • The app allows professional and amateur photographers to make extra money selling photos taken on a smartphone.
      Basically, it is a platform for brands and advertising and marketing agencies to find and purchase images from it
    • Foap is home to more than 25 million photographers worldwide.


      You register an account, upload your high quality photos with clear tags, the photos are rated by the registered community and the higher the rating, the higher the visibility of the photo.
      For each sale, you earn $5, and you can earn up to $100 per sale.
      Brands and agencies may also submit specific photo requests.

  • Mosely

    Musely is a new money earning app for making money online. Available for iOS and Android Musely is:

    • Online community.
    • Market application for environmentally friendly beauty and home products.
    • A social platform for women to share and receive healthy lifestyle tips and advice ranging from parenting to skincare and fitness.

      How to profit from the Internet:

      You have to become a “Muse” (basically an influencer) on the site and create your own store to earn 20 percent commission on sales of the products you recommend.

  • McMoney application

    What is the McMoney app?

    McMoney is an app that helps users receive test SMS messages to help improve mobile operation.

    The application is no longer available in the Google Play Store, you can download it from the official website .

    How to register in the McMoney application?

    You will need to download the application from the official website, and after installing the application and verifying your phone number through the subscription that you receive from the McMoney application, after that you are ready to start earning and profit from the mobile.

    You do not need to provide your personal information with the application, only your phone number is enough to start receiving a test SMS.

    How does McMoney work?

    McMoney app is very easy to use, just install it and make sure you have a strong internet connection to start receiving test SMS and earn money from it.

    The number of test SMS you receive per day depends on your country and internet availability, you can expect to receive between 2 to 5 text messages per day.

    Every test SMS you receive from McMomey will automatically earn you $0.02 to $0.06 once you reach the $2.0 payment threshold.
    You can request payment via PayPal but to get to $2.0 it will take about half a month or less.

    MooCash application

  • What is MooCash App?

    It is an application available for iPhone and Android, and one of the applications for making money 2021 by doing a different set of tasks and requests.

    Profit from mobile via MooCash.

    You will be paid in MooCash in the form of:

    • Game icons.
    • gift cards
    • coupons.
    • Bitcoins.
    • cash liquidity
    • To earn these rewards, users can complete tasks such as watching a video, participating in paid surveys, making referrals (such as affiliate marketing), and even trying other apps and games.
      But the primary way to earn money with MooCash is through ads that constantly appear on the unlock screen.

      How does MooCash work?

      • Once you download the app and sign up, the app will display ads on the lock screen.
      • So every time you turn on your phone to unlock your screen, you will see an ad.
      • You now have two options:
        you can choose to either swipe right on the ad, which clears the ad, or swipe left, which lets you check what the ad is about.
        Every time you swipe left to check out an ad, you earn 5 coins.
        You can also earn coins when you complete other tasks in the app. Once you collect enough coins in your account, you can redeem them for one of the rewards above.
    • MooCash works on Android and iOS. Plus, you can use it in almost any country.

      How much money will you earn with MooCash?

      It can be said that 1000 coins equals only 1 USD. And keep in mind that you need to reach 2000 coins, to be able to withdraw your winnings

      This means that you will have to visit the lock screen at least 400 times to earn $2.00 before you can cash out!

  • Profit from the Pat Pat application

    Pat Pat, you can market online. Online purchase, which is preferred by the majority. It specializes in children's, children's and children's clothing. It is a reliable website and content that has its own language, either Arabic or English.

In the end, money-making applications (profit from mobile) remain, one of the many and many ways to profit from the Internet, which today has become a source of income for many. But you always have to work hard, continuously and continuously.


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